Swiss Cheese. Acrylic. 64" X 44"

About Me


My Background


I’m an artist with an artist’s drive to create – a dreamer with a dreamer’s desire to discover what could be – and a romantic with a romantic’s insatiable passion for squeezing everything I can out of this gift of life.

Although my MFA is in painting, my career day job was in advertising as an art director and creative director. In the evenings I continued to paint in my home studio. I currently teach advertising at SCAD, The Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah Georgia.


My work has been accepted into countless competitive juried shows and won many awards. They have been purchased by art museums and are included in private, corporate, and public collections across the U.S. and Canada. 

I enjoy riding my motorcycle with my wife behind me, golfing with my wife at my side and walking with my wife way ahead of me.


My Medium

My early paintings were created with acrylic paint applied in flat opaque shapes that were defined and refined using an airbrush.  This technique required extensive taping and masking. I wouldn't know what the final painting looked like until everything was peeled off to reveal what had been created.

My most recent paintings use oils. 

I'm not trying to recreate beautiful representations of images – they are merely placeholders whose meanings are reframed when viewed collectively.  

Just for fun, I included some early pencil drawings from my college days.


My Inspiration

My career in advertising has subliminally influenced the imagery  

of my personal work.  This has led to a Neo Pop Art style in my early paintings. Today, I'm still driven to explore a visual language created when simple banal images collide.

My favorite artists are James Rosenquist and Tom Wesselman. 

I am also drawn to the Surrealists. And this influence also overlays the subconscious tone of my work.

Welcome to my site

Well, I finally activated my web site over winter break. It had been dormant for a few years. It feels good to collect and share some of my work again.